Portal for Institutions.

Experience first-class in private equity

Leadoff reimagines Institutional desks with a digital-first approach.

Portal for Institutional Desks is Leadoff’s sparkling interpretation of institutional investing. In contrast to the offline, long time cycles associated with the traditional method, the sensational new approach is crafted to offer a truly first-class experience in private equity investing for institutions.


An introduction to possibility

Portal by Leadoff is more than an investment gateway to private equity. It is a work of intelligence, code-made to order exclusively for you by our team of highly skilled software engineers, and financial strategists. Whatever you imagine your ideal investment to be, bring your unique vision to life with Portal for Institutions.

Our aspiration is to surpass yours

Our commitment to bringing seamlessness to your investment experience is an everlasting promise. We believe that the experience is beyond the traditional transactions – but it is to foster a forever relationship. When you need us, the team is here.


Learn more about the range of bespoke services and options available to you – contact our investment specialists to start your private markets journey.

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